Emo Side Project / Mane Horse Split

by Mane Horse

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2013 Acoustic Split with Emo Side Project

*Mixed and Mastered by Chris French (www.cfrenchrecordings.com)
*Artwork by Dominic Sohor (cleandemon.com/2012wp/)


released July 8, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Forever Weekenders
Sorry to cut you off
But talk is cheap
It doesn't make a difference coz we're lost so lost so lost

Well I've been thinking and just hoping if baby I could get you to just

Take us back to December
To a place we can't remember

Where our skeletons have made a home
Collect dust and turn into stone
And I can't believe that this is you and me
And I can't come to grips we've gone to fucking shit
So let's be honest fucking honest ill be honest
Ill be...
Track Name: The Match
So lets strike a match
Sit back and have ourselves a laugh
These walls they speak
they speak so loud
do I have myself a listen?
Is it all in my head?

Do I listen? Is it all in my head?

Maybe I've gone blind but who am I to diagnose?
Baby Its my tongue that's having fun with your ghost

Well who do I think that I'm kidding?
Well who do I think I'm kidding?

I'm heavy drinking and hardly sleeping
And I'll tell you what I'm Thinking

I simply can't get you out of my head

When all was lost and you were broke
In your heart we found a home

Maybe I should get myself some sleep
I know you wont when you're not next to me
Maybe I should get some fucking sleep
I know you won't when you're not next to me