Di Bravura​​/​​Mane Horse Split

by Mane Horse

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Two songs from Di Bravura, and two from Mane Horse. Recorded with the wizardly Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden between the dates of 4/19/11 and 4/21/11 during our little spring tour.


released June 7, 2011



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Track Name: Come Catch Fate
Hey sleeping beauty your hairs on fire.
Your lovely locks that I love to admire
With a face like that she'd sure take home Prom-queen.
I'm tired of screaming out your name
And if I were made of glass I'd start shattering.
Back in December, girl don't you remember?
You said we'd keep it, keep it together forever
My favorite fucking sweater, now my worst.
What do you have to throw at me? Cause baby I've seen everything.
Let's teach these kids what love is.
Let's teach these kids what hate is.
Don't bother crawling back to me, I've laid rat traps around my feet.
Track Name: Damn Pajamas
What holds you back these days?
Is it nasty shades of grey or Friday nights, alone afraid?
Looking back it seems that seasons weren't the only things that changed, reset your heart, i stayed the same.
In memories, our better fucking days, just give me that it keeps me sane.
On canvas we paint picture, a brush a stroke, the best of us. Letters she wrote on broken trust.
A lie, she cries the worst of us.
She's finding comfort in the distance, and I'll keep on with my persistence. I've been thinking, "What if I'm just dreaming?"
Your favorite story I'll recite
Torn from the pages of my spine.
On the other line she's calling a thousand times
Too scared at night, give me back my pride, I've wasted a thousand times. Too scared at night.
Track Name: Di Bravura - Old Rocks,
A new rush, the doors open wide (old grudges aside) And now we've got the joy back once more (a change in the score) Early life, like a photograph, on the wrong side of your eyes. And the feet still spin, and the voices raise, and our exitement runs high, that
old blue and maize. But it wasn't enough, for that tempest of change to stay for out of range. And we're all just, needles dancing on the grooves. Like fish of the sea, nothing but promises and pity. But what does the silence know anyway? And we have
nothing to show, for those days in the cold. And it gets to the point were the poison meets these teeth. Je regrette, je suis desolate. These fingers have picked every detail on the page. Nothing new, and nothing old. Those oh so tired tracks are gonna
have to wait, this tired engine lets out a faint spark but no flame, only heat. Sick of these illegible hand gestures. Why can't the feathers remain in flight? Why can't this all just reignite? And what is loss and what is gain? Turn in on it's head again and again
both result in misery and pain. I’ve lost you, you’re so controversial to my view, and I can't admit, to not missing this.
So heed these words, it's not as if you weren't meant to hear them anyway. Before you start anew, make sure you make it known: that you'd prefer a turned back over a loving heart, because instructions are as essential as the game itself And I can't get these die to roll in my favor, no I can't get these pieces to play on my side. I know you think you're a misanthropist, but face it, your heart couldn't beat a day without somebody else. I'll be that somebody else, we'll be that somebody else. Were given lies, and gave back joy, every girl and e
Track Name: Di Bravura - New Math.
Enough with the apulets and broken necks, walls like tacks and red and blacks. Permutations and combinations. Breaths only get me through the day in the most literal of terms, this skin and bone doesn’t have what it takes to learn. I thought I hadn’t the time to sing these words, I suppose I was wrong, that type of thinking’s absurd. And we’re both just Gatsby’s but nothing close to great, two parralel lines that share the same fate. And we’re all just building houses that we’ll never live in.
This seeing eye, this thinking hand, know that they are never wrong. Or at least by my words or by these so called lords. So take these anceastral steps back to the sea.
You’ve dug your own grave, now plan your escape. So many details have you thinking like a thief-in-the-law, scrathing that rash of rememberance and leavung your skin raw. And this storm has my furrowed brow working overtime, that jesting cat on your shoulder assailing my meter and rhyme. But we never could turn the gears that turn the wheels. And we never noticed the odds and evens, the odds and ends...